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The History of the American Flyer
and the Flyer Revolution

Flyers are as old as the idea of America itself. Most Colonial newspapers began as one page flyers. Flyers were also used to spread the ideas of the American Revolution. You may remember these from your history books.

Remember the snake?

Flyers were a great way of spreading the word. There were no radios, T.V.'s, morse code, telegraph or even mail. Flyers were delivered door to door, handed out at gatherings, or nailed to trees or posts in busy areas. Even our National Anthem began as a flyer! Frances Scott Key was held prisoner on a British ship as it bombarded Fort McHenry from the Baltimore harbor. He wrote our anthem as a poem that night, and upon his release he had it printed onto a flyer and the rest is history. Now the words make perfect sense. "The bombs were bursting in air, and the rockets red glare. They blasted at the fort all night but the next morning our flag was still there".

This flyer was obviously the most successful of all time!
      • Flyers are more American than Apple pie!
      • More economic then direct mail!
      • Easier than direct mail!
      • Older then the US mail!
      • More effective then the US mail!

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