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We do not post our pricing for two reasons:

    1. Prices vary depending on quantity per drop, (3ooo to infinity), and the
      area you want delivered as well.
    2. Prices change according to varying gas prices, and ever increasing costs of being in business,
      such as Federal minimum wage, full coverage insurance, and excellent customer service.


These are our most closley guarded trade secrets. So of course we don't post them on our website.

But: Please call our competitor's first and ask these questions.
Then call us!

      • How do I know all of my flyers are really delivered?
      • Does G.P.S. tracking really work and do you use it?
      • Who is responsible for any fines or ticket's?
      • What if something comes up missing off of a porch, how is it handled?
      • What if something is damaged on a homeowners property?
      • What if someone calls saying "I have three flyers on my door"?
      • What if someone calls saying "I found twenty flyers in my bushes"?

We can help you select an area..... more info

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