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The Ten Comandments
of Flyer Delivery

1. No throwing away, hiding or double hanging of flyers 6. Never Hang Vacant houses, model homes or homes under construction unless your supervisor specifically says the customer wants them hung.
2. All flyers must go on the front door handle, not the rail, not the garage. 7. All door hangers and clear bags are to be rubberbanded to the door so that they lie flat against the door. Not rolled, folded, crushed, ripped or airplaned.
3. All flyers, doorhangers and even flyers in clear plastic bags must be secured to the door handle with a rubberband. 8. No stealing, you will not be allowed to bring ANYTHING back on the truck. And yes NOTHING means NOTHING. In the last 30 years we have heard it all, "It was in the street," "It was in a field, "I bought it at a yard sale", and so on..
4. Do not go inside a fence. Any house with a fence must have the flyer rubber banded to the gate, or next to the mailbox. Never just hang on the middle of the fence. 9. Respect the homeowners property. Do not step in their flower beds, freshly planted grass, wet paint, wet cement and so on. Respect them even when they come out cursing and yelling at you. Just leave and do not return the verbal abuse.
5. Never hang houses that are clearly marked "No soliciting", "No Trespassing", or "No Handbills". 10. Do not fold or roll 2 different flyers together or around each other. They must be seperate. No customer wants their flyer wrapped inside of another flyer.

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