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We are Lee and Vivian Brown, owners and operaters of H&H Distributing.

I began hanging flyers for H&H in the summer of 1979 for $2.00 per hour. My wife started approximatly 4 years later. So yes you can say we started at the bottom. Over the years the original owners added offices in Houston, Oklahoma City, and Austin. At this time H&H was the largest distributor in the Southwest and listed as one of the 25 fastest growing business in the nation. During that time I was in charge of all traveling crews. I would take 4 to 12 crews and go all over the United States delivering samples door to door from Oakland to Pittsburg, from Atlanta to Chicago and many more. Most of this work was from Pepsi, Lever Brothers and Proctor and Gamble.
And yes it all came through ad-agencies.

As the sample work came to a close I was put in charge of quality control for the DFW office. After going from crew to crew I came to one conclusion. It was time for a change at H&H. Every rule I had when I supervised a crew was being broken. There were flyers hung on rails, shoved in screens, shoved in fences, hung on garages, thrown on porches and very few, if any, were secured with a rubber band. But with time and much moaning and growning the problem was fixed. Today every flyer must be secured to the front door handle with a rubber band. And most other distributors in the Metroplex use our method because, where we lead they follow.
Eventually I was Ditribution Manager for DFW. That put me in charge of all the daily delivery operations.

During this same span of time, my lovely wife accomplished the following for the company. She worked in the direct mail dept. labeling and sorting. She worked in the fulfillment dept. packaging and inserting. She supervised one of the delivery crews. And when we did the math we came up with these figures. If you took the years my wife walked door to door delivering flyers and you multiplied it times how efficent she was, She personally hung over 5 million flyers to nearly 3 million doors.

By the fall of 1992 the owners of H&H had shut down the mail room and invested heavily in printing equipment. They called me into their office and told me they were going to sell the door to door delivery department. They wanted me to teach whoever the new owners would be, how we ran the delivery operations, and then magically transform me into a printer. To say the least I was heart broken. I had lived, breathed, ate and dreamed door to door distrbuting for over 13 years. I knew absolutely nothing about printing flyers, but was an expert at getting them hung on doors. I explained the situation to my lovely girlfriend (not yet my lovely wife) and she, in a moment of brilliance, suggested that I buy the business. That really terrified me. But she persisted and I listened.

The idea was actually well excepted by the owners. Although I had no down payment or bank financing, they knew that in 13 years I had always been loyal and faithful. Within weeks the door to door department was changed from H&H Advertising to H&H Distributing. The sad part is it took nearly 10 years to change my lovely girlfriend to my now wife Vivian Brown. In the summer of 2001 she took her rightfull place as office manager. And boy did she bring change! A sweet voice to answer the phone, a clean office, a computer instead of pens and paper, decorations, and even an office with a view. Even this website is her idea.

But above and beyond all that, we have broken the golden rule of business. The world says never mention politics or religion in business. But Jesus said seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and these other things will be added unto you. And he who is ashamed of me before men, I will be ashamed of before my Father in Heaven.
Many of our customers find it very reassuring that we not only have their best interest at heart, but are also praying for them, their business and their families.

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